Ziedojumu apmaksas noteikumi

Starting from 2021, everyone has an opportunity to join the Big Cleanup, participating in cleaning both on the Cleanup day and at any other time, as well as making donations if it is not possible to participate in the Cleanup personally.

Big Cleanup (Lielā Talka) is a social movement, the aim of which is to unite the inhabitants of Latvia for joint cleaning and improvement of the environment. At the same time, the Big Cleanup also has an educational function. Therefore, all donated funds will go towards the purchase of garbage bags, gloves and other equipment, as well as educational materials and events.

By donating even 1 Euro, you will be able to provide the participants in the Cleanup with one set of Cleanup participant equipment, which includes one garbage bag, one pair of gloves, removal of the garbage bag and disposal of garbage at the landfill. Thus, those who cannot personally take part in the Cleanup in Latvia, including expatriates abroad, but want our country to become the greenest in the world, can take part by donating one symbolic Euro or more.

Donations can be made both openly and anonymously; both individuals and legal entities may donate. The names of all who decided to make an open donation will be posted on the Big Cleanup website. In turn, if the donation amount is at least 3000 Euros, the donor will be marked as a Major Donor in the “Organisers” section of the Big Cleanup website.


Association Pēdas LV, which has been organizing the Big Cleanup and the World Cleanup in Latvia since 2008, has been a public charity organization with registration number 40008177683 since 2011.

Ziedotājs Datums Summa
Vita Jaunzeme 10.11.2021 € 20.00
Tamāra Ringa 22.10.2021 € 1.00
Lai izdodas 14.10.2021 € 20.00
JĀNIS ZĪDENIS 24.04.2021 € 5.00
Maija Vilne 23.04.2021 € 10.00
Raitis Jākobsons 16.04.2021 € 1.00
****** ***** 15.04.2021 € 4.00
Jānis Sīlis 12.04.2021 € 50.00
Ligita Ludzeniece 12.04.2021 € 10.00
******* **** 10.04.2021 € 50.00
par zaļu 10.04.2021 € 100.00
Agita IR 10.04.2021 € 30.00
****** ******** 07.04.2021 € 20.00
Andrs Hermanis 06.04.2021 € 5.00
Maija Vilne 04.04.2021 € 5.00