As part of the World Cleanup Day, which aims to unite people in the fight against global pollution and climate change, we will join at the TREES OF HAPPINESS tree sowing and planting campaign.

Let every seed or planted tree sown grow up into a huge big tree of the future, becoming Latvia’s contribution to restoring the balance of the global climate and ecosystem.

Therefore, everyone is invited to organise collective tree planting events and on August 19 – a month before the World Cleanup – to register their tree planting site on the Big Cleanup website, here

Those who could not participate in this year’s spring cleanup, and thus some corners of Latvia have been left unnoticed, are also invited to apply for their improvement or waste collection help here.

Remember that if trees are to be planted on municipal land, this must be agreed with the respective municipal coordinator. If you want to plant trees on private property – you are welcome! Create a cool forest and mark it on the Tree of Happiness map, bring joy to the neighbours and the whole of Latvia

You can find all the contacts of the Big Cleanup Coordinators here

This year, we would like to invite the participants of the Trees of Happiness to plant fruit trees, which would be a treat not only for children and seniors, but also for travellers.

To make sure that everything is done accurately, here is a tree planting guide

For initiatives, feedback, questions, go to talkas@talkas.lv.