The Big Clean Up

The Big Cleanup

The idea of the event is based on voluntary participation in cleaning up the environment, creating unity, positivity and a sense of job well done. The author of the Big Cleanup is writer Anna Žīgure, but the idea was borrowed from the Estonians who organized their first national-scale environmental cleanup on 3 May 2008.

In the recent years, the Big Cleanup puts emphasis on the environmental education, as well as Courtyard improvement movement. Every year, the Big Cleanup sets out a motive to invite the public to pay attention to how much our daily behaviour is related to the environment and health. In 2011, it was – “Come and help Latvia!”. In 2012, “Look deeper – don’t throw waste in the environment!”. In 2013, “Clean Latvia starts in your head”. In 2014 – “Clean Baltic Sea starts in your bathroom”. In 2015 – “Those who change – survive!”. In 2016 – “Latvia to be green!”

Aim of the project – until 2018, the year when Latvia will celebrate its 100th birthday, make our country the cleanest and tidiest place on the map of the world – give nature an opportunity to heal by cleaning it from the waste, as well as encourage citizens to upgrade and take care of the environment around them.

Implementation of the project. Annual event – each spring!

History. The tradition of the Big Cleanup began nine years ago – with a cleanup on 13 September 2008, which was a gift for Latvia on its 90th birthday. The next cleanups were organized on 18 April 2009, 24 April 2010, 30 April 2011, 21 April 2012, as well as 20 and 27 April 2013 (due to weather conditions, the cleanup officially took place for two days), 26 April 2014 and 25 April 2015. Rough estimates show that during these years more than 1 000 000 enthusiasts have participated in the environmental cleanup events.

From 2008 until 2011, Patron of the Big Cleanup was the President of the Republic of Latvia Valdis Zatlers. In 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 Patron of the Big Cleanup was President of the Republic of Latvia Andris Bērziņš. In 2016 Patron of the Big Cleanup is President of the Republic of Latvia Raimonds Vējonis.

The Big Cleanup kindly invites all citizens of the Republic of Latvia to participate in the event if they care about the long-term development of the country and opportunity to live in a clean and beautiful environment.
In 2017 the Big Cleanup will take place on 22 April.

Variety of cleanup activities. In the framework of the Big Cleanup, we invite not only to gather waste, but also do other good works – plant trees, create beautiful flowerbeds, build bird-cages, restore fences, benches, bridges, etc. Let’s live beautifully! So that you and others have the pleasure!

In the world. Since 2008, more than 13,000,000 people have participated in cleanups of their countries. This is a number that we know thanks to the organization “Let’s Do It!” whose co-ordination centre is located very close to our country – in Estonia. At the moment, “Let’s Do it!” network unites 112 national teams who during the previous six years have organized more than 300 cleanups. Each year the number of member states and volunteers increases and all of them have a common target – clean planet! Until now, the most awaited and the biggest cleanup in the world was the Big Mediterranean Cleanup. It was held on 10 May 2014. On the same day, 22 countries participated in this cleanup. But now the big aim for movement “Let’s Do it!” is The World Cleanup Day which will held on September 15th, 2018.