About Brainstorm

While preparing for the 11th Big Clean-up, a new activity is started, urging especially young people to get together for the Idea clean-ups, in order to declare to the community their creative and brave solutions for sustainable environmental improvement. The Big Clean-up, in the second decade, will more and more encourage various community groups to think and act so that they, by joint efforts, could live in a healthy and prosperous environment.

“It is obvious that cleaning up the trash is not the only solution for the global ecological crisis, this requires a broader view of all levels on the new economic models, environmental education, sustainability solutions. We are going to take a wider look at the environmental health issues using the Big Clean-up campaign as well by showing an example to many other countries in the world what is the true benefit and gains thinking about the development of Latvia and our future generations,” says Vita Jaunzeme, Manager of the Big Clean-up.
Launching the Idea Clean-ups makes it possible to participate in the Big Clean-up contest and be awarded. The Idea Clean-up is the ‘’brain storm’’ for school-children or students to discuss ideas for the pollution reduction in Latvia and in the world, what packaging could replace plastic products, how to fight the climate change. Latvia can show an example to other countries in development of clean and sustainable country as well as with regard to other environmental issues. Young people are welcome to send their ideas in a short-form video to the Big Clean-up, and the entire community would be able to vote for the best ideas on www.talkas.lv page. More information on www.talkas.lv .
In order to participate in the contest, you are kindly asked:
1) to record the ideas arisen during the Idea clean-ups in a short video (up to 3 minutes long);
2) to upload the video on Youtube channel and send the link to e-mail address talkas@talkas.lv until August 15 of this year providing a short description in the e-mail how the Idea clean-up is proceeding, the author of the idea and the contact information. (only one natural or legal person may send no more than 3 videos, besides, by sending the video its sender acknowledges that he/she submits the video for the Big Clean-up publicity purposes).
Everybody is welcome to make use of his/her digital skills and go trash ‘’hunting’’ using the application ‘’Environment SOS’’ (http://www.videssos.lv), to send information about polluted areas.
10 best videos which will be selected by the Big Clean-up judges, will be put on the Big Clean-up Youtube channel and website www.talkas.lv, we will post the videos on the Big Clean-up FB and Twitter accounts as well;
Until September 15 of this year we will encourage the community to vote for the 10 best videos on www.talkas.lv, but the winners will be announced on September 21, on the second day of the World clean-up, and receive the Big Clean-up awards!
Anda Treija
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E-mail: anda.treija@onecom-latvia.com