The fifth World Cleanup Day in Latvia has started!

20.09.2022 News

This morning, on 17 September, World Cleanup Day, which takes place for the fifth consecutive year in Latvia and the world, started at the Freedom Monument with motivational speeches and songs. Continuing the traditions, this year people are also invited to participate in the Trees of Happiness campaign, as well as to participate in cleaning up the seaside in Vecāķi and Engure Rural Territory, to join the cleanup in Bišumuiža or to clean up elsewhere in Latvia.

This year, a total of 191 countries around the world are participating in World Cleanup Day, uniting millions of volunteers to reduce global pollution and care for a more sustainable world. The goal of the organisation is to involve 5% of the world’s population in cleanups. Latvia is part of the World Cleanup Day movement for the fifth consecutive year. As in previous years, the third Trees of Happiness park was opened in Trapene, on 12 September. However, within the framework of the campaign, this autumn such parks will also be created in Viļāni and Krāslava. Today, people are invited to participate in the Trees of Happiness campaign and plant or sow their own tree to contribute to the restoration of the world’s ecosystem and make Latvia more beautiful and greener. Everyone can take part in one of the cleanups – the seaside cleanup in Vecāķi (Riga), one of the cleanups in Engure Rural Territory, or together with the Latvian Paralympic Committee, to improve the area in Bišumuiža.

The opening event of World Cleanup Day at the Freedom Monument was attended by President of the Latvian Medical Association Ilze Aizsilniece, Head of Big Cleanup Vita Jaunzeme, students, and the Leader of the “Green Foot” group Indra Siksaliete, who emphasised that it is important to teach children from a young age how to take care of the environment. The opening of World Cleanup Day was closed with a musical performance by the folklore studio Banga.

President of the Latvian Medical Association Ilze Aizsilniece emphasises: “A healthy person can live in a healthy world. Environmental pollution is still increasing and often causes health problems, which is why society needs to be more responsible and involved in various environmental cleanup activities. I am very satisfied to see that within the framework of Big Cleanup and World Cleanup Day, people join the call to clean up and tidy up the environment around us, because in this way we help not only nature, but also ourselves. I hope that at the end of the day we will be able to thank ourselves for making Latvia cleaner and healthier!”

“In previous years, the organisers of World Cleanup Day have praised Latvia’s involvement in cleanup activities. This year, within the framework of World Cleanup Day, we have already opened the third Trees of Happiness park in Latvia, and today we will also actively participate in cleanups and improvement activities, as well as contribute to restoring the balance of the ecosystem by planting Trees of Happiness. I am very happy that the citizens of Latvia continue to responsibly participate in World Cleanup Day activities for the fifth consecutive year, and I hope that today everyone will be pleased with the work done and enjoy being together!” wishes Head of Big Cleanup Vita Jaunzeme.

Minister for Finance Jānis Reirs says: “Tree planting is a very good Latvian tradition. And it is no wonder that trees are especially close to Latvian hearts, as we have lived in forested areas for centuries. Planting a tree is sacred work that I encourage everyone to do. I wish for everyone to find the right place and plant their own tree – near their house, on their own or friends’ property, in the Trees of Happiness park or elsewhere, and to take care of it and visit it. So that big, strong trees and beautiful parks grow!”

In celebration of World Cleanup Day, we invite you to follow the event remotely. From 12:00 to 14:00, RigaTV24 channel will broadcast live from the cleanup in Bišumuiža, where we will look back at the beginnings of World Cleanup Day, provide information about the activities of the cleanup day, and talk about how to keep our nature clean and healthy. At the end of World Cleanup Day in Latvia, at 18:00, TV3 Life channel will broadcast a discussion “Environmental culture in the conditions of war”, in which the organisers of Big Cleanup, partners and experts will take part.

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Let’s celebrate and make Latvia green!