The Big Cleanup is coming – how do you apply and join?

19.04.2022 News

In two weeks, on 30 April, for the 15th time in a row, the Big Cleanup will take place in Latvia, where every inhabitant is invited to carry out waste collection and actions for environmental improvement. Just like last year, helpers have the opportunity to participate in the SOLO (including DUO and the Family) cleanup and collect waste individually, as well as organise public cleanups. Get acquainted with how to properly apply for your cleanup, participate in it, and where to leave the collected waste on the day of the event!

SOLO CLEANUP (also DUO and Family)

Maintaining the SOLO cleanup format introduced in previous years, it is also possible for cleaners to carry out cleaning work individually or with their families this year. When planning a SOLO cleanup, it must be taken into account that it must be carried out in a public area, not a private one. When planning your SOLO cleanup, it is not necessary to coordinate it with the county cleanup coordinator, but it is desirable to mark the place of your cleanup in the SOLO cleanup map’22 section:

SOLO cleanup bags

In cooperation with “Rimi Latvia”, SOLO helpers will be able to receive their cleanup bag in the largest “Rimi” stores from 23 to 30 April (inclusive). To get your special cleanup bag at Rimi stores, you need to make a purchase for any amount – one receipt is equivalent to one bag. It should be noted that the number of SOLO cleanup bags is limited; a total of 100,000 bags will be distributed.

On the day of the cleanup, after the cleanup work has been completed, the cleanup bag with the collected waste must be delivered to one of the nearest officially registered cleanup waste collection points (or combined waste collection and improvement cleanup places) marked on the Big Cleanup map! We remind you that bag collection is not carried out in places where SOLO cleanup or only improvement cleanup is applied for!

“Rimi Latvia” public relations specialist Juris Šleiers: “Cooperation between citizens and businesses is important to ensure environmental sustainability and resource efficiency. The activities of the Big Cleanup also prove that these goals can be achieved by working together, and we are glad that Rimi Latvia is a part of it. By supporting the Big Cleanup, we invite individual helpers not to remain indifferent, but to contribute to the cleanup of the environment by receiving their SOLO cleaning bag in one of the Rimi stores and making Latvia cleaner and greener”.


This year, it is possible for helpers to participate and organise public cleanups to carry out waste collection and improvement work in a larger group. Public cleanups are organised by municipal cleanup coordinators, as well as by companies, associations, individuals, etc. When planning a public cleanup, it is necessary to coordinate its course with the cleanup coordinator of your region in order to provide information about the place of the cleanup, as well as to receive cleanup bags. The list of cleanup coordinators can be found at:

It is also necessary to apply for public cleanups on the Big Cleanup website, in the Big Cleanup Map’22 section:

What if you want to take part in one of the registered public cleanups?

The Big Cleanup Map’22 contains information about the planned and registered Big Cleanup activities, as well as the contact information of the cleanup organisers. In order for the cleanup to be successful, before joining the cleanup, we recommend that you contact the organiser of the selected cleanup and provide information about the desire to get involved in cleaning and improvement work together! If you have any questions about the clean-up activities in the county, please contact the cleanup coordinator of your county.

About cleanup activities in Ogre and its region:

Ogre Municipality does not ensure the removal of waste, justifying this decision on the grounds that the municipality is clean. Ogre region does not prevent people from participating in the Big Cleanup, but points out that the collected waste must be delivered to the landfill by the helpers themselves. The organisers of the Big Cleanup are ready to provide the cleaners with cleanup bags; however, they do not bear any responsibility for taking the waste to the landfill. In the case of questions, we invite the residents of the county to contact Ogre Municipality. 

You can also write to us at and or share your green deeds on social media using the hashtags #LielāTalka2022 #Espiederunakotnei #parzaluLatviju

Get up, get ready, get involved! See you at the Big Cleanup on 30 April all over Latvia!