The World Cleanup in Latvia is open!

29.09.2021 News

Today, on September 18 at 9.00, with songs and heartfelt speeches the fourth World Cleanup Day (WCD) was opened in Daugavmala near the Great Kristaps in Latvia. We traditionally celebrate the World Cleanup with the “Trees of Happiness” tree planting campaign – thus promoting the process of nature restoration and regeneration, as well as greening the environment. Today, as part of the World Cleanup, the second Happiness Tree Park will be opened in Latvia – in Jelgava.

Vita Jaunzeme, organiser of the World Cleanup in Latvia, leader of the Lielā Talka (Big Cleanup): “While we were still asleep, the first Cleanup in the world had already started in Japan. Even when we go to bed today, people on the west coast of America will continue to work. This event is a proof of people’s unity and love for nature, of which it is a great honour and pride to be a part! The fact that we in Latvia have already taken a step further, not only by collecting waste in the spring, but also by taking care of the recovery of nature by planting trees, is an extremely great achievement for us as a small country. I hope that our example will be followed elsewhere in the world, because by planting the Trees of Happiness, we are planting not only trees, but also the future!”

Latvian National Theatre actor Juris Hiršs and Latvian National Opera and Ballet opera singer Sonora Vaice also sent their wishes to all participants at the opening ceremony of the World Cleanup. In honour of this event, Juris Hiršs presented Sonora Vaice with a seedling of an oak acorn from the Centennial Alley of the National Theatre, wishing her creative success and good luck to her and all her supporters. The opera singer, in turn, noted: “Today we will plant trees all over Latvia, and I call for it to be done consciously and with love. We are all nature and humans have also come from nature, so if we take care of trees and nature, we will take care of us as well. May our Trees of Happiness grow thick and strong!”

Ramona, the mother of the Rozmišu family, who had come to the opening of the Cleanup with her daughter Reičela and son Ričards, admitted that she was an active cleaner and a supporter of the green lifestyle. She also emphasised the importance of instilling a love of and responsibility for nature and the environment in people from an early age. In turn, the students of Jāzeps Mediņš Riga Music High School with their beautiful voices chanted the World Cleanup in the morning, giving us all a good mood and joy of work.

You can watch the recording of the solemn opening ceremony of the World Cleanup here, and the traditional live broadcast of the closing discussion of the World Cleanup, which will be attended by organisers, partners and public figures advocating for a green and healthy lifestyle, at 18.00 on and platforms.

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May the World Cleanup succeed! All together and each individually!