In Riga, by Māra Pond, planting the first Tree of Happiness this year, the Big Cleanup together with Astro’n’out set the tune for the World Cleanup

29.09.2021 News

On Wednesday, September 15, in a warm and friendly mood, the World Cleanup with the third Tree of Happiness planted there set the tune by the Māra Pond. This year it is the willow oak taken care of by Rīgas Meži. The World Cleanup, which is being celebrated throughout Latvia for the fourth year in a row with the planting of the Trees of Happiness, is expected this Saturday, September 18. Astro’n’out soloist Māra Upmane-Holšteine set the tune to the event.

The organisers of the Lielā Talka (Big Cleanup) also invite Latvians to take an active part in the world’s largest green event – World Cleanup Day. The movement, which began in 2008 in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, now brings together more than 180 countries for a common goal – to make our planet cleaner and greener. Aiva Rozenberga, Representative of World Cleanup Day organisers “Let’s do it!” in Latvia and Adviser to the President for Public Relations, pointed out: “I am proud that our traditions of common cleaning-up have gained such worldwide recognition over the years. Cleaning the environment and planting trees is a joy to the world. Of course, we start with our own farm, with our country, Latvia, but together we are part of a larger movement that cares about the future of the planet and the preservation of its unique environment. This is amazing, what we have already done in Latvia and the Baltics. On the night of Saturday, the Great Wave of the World Cleanup will begin in the Far East, spanning the entire world and time zones – we will be a part of it. There are places in the world where the clean-up movement is only now beginning with the World Cleanup Day campaign, but for us it is already part of the culture and lifestyle. By planting the Trees of Happiness, we are showing the world the next step – we are not just planting trees, we are planting a sustainable future!”

In turn, Vita Jaunzeme, organiser of the World Cleanup in Latvia and leader of the Big Cleanup, adds: “By coming together, we go beyond borders and can do more. Planting the Trees of Happiness is a unique and loving tree planting movement, a dedication to the world and nature. This year we are planting the third Happiness Tree at the Māra Pond with the hope that this park will become a real Riga Happiness Tree Park in the future!”

Anita Skudra, Chairman of the Board of SIA “Rīgas Meži”, also took part in the event: “Our Company is pleased to be a part of this world event for the third year in a row! This time is not easy, but it gives us strength for the future, teaches a different attitude, to treat nature differently, with care and a broader view of the future. The Tree of Happiness, the willow oak we plant today, has not been chosen in vain either – it is the first tree of this species in the parks and gardens of Riga, it is the big tree of our future. The tree is fast-growing and will bear the first acorns in a few years. I invite each of us to think every day about the footprint we leave behind for the future!”

Līga Abizāre, Communication Project Manager of JSC “Latvijas valsts meži”, for her part, also thanked for the long-term and fruitful cooperation within the framework of this project, increasing and cleaning up the Latvian forest heritage for future generations. Currently, more than 29 million trees are planted in Latvia every year, which is an undoubted contribution to the future and the world also on a scale of Latvia.

Toms Kursītis, Communication Manager of the supporters of the Big Cleanup Mežpils alus, noted the importance of cooperation in promoting environmental clean-up and its greening. “It is important to understand that greening the environment, especially in urban areas, is a challenging process. This makes cooperation between the private, public and non-governmental sectors even more important, where everyone can add value in achieving greater goals. I am sure that we are moving in the right direction, because we are aware of both the value of such activities and their contribution to the future,” Toms Kursītis emphasized.

Astro’n’out soloist Māra Upmane-Holšteine, who took care of the warm atmosphere at the event, added: “It is very important to me that I have the opportunity not only to be at the microphone as a singer, but also to emphasise the values and thoughts that are important to me and society. Thoughts on sustainability, what we will leave to our children and what the world will be like after us. I want to believe that it will get a little better, that Latvia will be able to achieve the goal of being “green” and “ the greenest”, and that by doing good, we will become closer to nature step by step, sowing the small seed in our daily rhythm and telling the good to our children, both to each other and to learn to tell their great happiness story. Today’s move is a very wonderful step in which I am very pleased to participate on behalf of all Astro’n’out staff.”

Planting Trees of Happiness as a form of Latvia’s participation in the World Cleanup has been chosen because trees play an important role in maintaining the planet’s climate balance and ensuring healthy living conditions, and Latvia with its big tree traditions is an example that a tree can not only be planted but cared as a symbol of sustainability and a good life, both for the individual and for the family and society as a whole. Write about your green works at, or share them on social networks using hashtags: #Lielatalka #WorldCleanupDay #Laimeskoki.

Tree of Happiness map, apply for participation here:

See you at the World Cleanup on September 18! All together and each individually!