Lielā Talka and European Latvian Association call on the Latvian diaspora to join the World Cleanup

10.09.2021 News

Lielā Talka (Big Cleanup) invites representatives of the Latvian diaspora to join the World Cleanup Day (WCD) campaign, which is being held for the fourth time this year. Also this year, everyone, regardless of their place of residence, are encouraged to engage in activities of their own capability and local regulatory capabilities – cleaning or improvement works, or the traditional Trees of Happiness planting campaign, promoting a greener and healthier urban environment around them. 

The main goal of the World Cleanup is to unite people in the fight against climate change and global pollution. In Latvia, cleaning and improvement works are traditionally organised within the framework of the Big Cleanup in the spring. In turn, on the World Cleanup Day, leader of Lielā Talka Vita Jaunzeme calls on all world activists to join the Tree of Happiness planting campaign, providing Latvia’s contribution to restoring the balance of the global climate and ecosystem: “Regardless of where we each live, the ability to mobilize and make a contribution to greening the world and promoting a healthy urban environment is crucial – the future of the planet knows no boundaries! Therefore, I call on the Latvian missions and compatriot organisations abroad to the best of their ability, taking into account the precautionary measures, to join the activities of the World Cleanup in their home country and to assume the right to create a greener and healthier environment for future generations!”

More information on country-specific activities can be found at In support of the Tree of Happiness planting campaign in the place which you now call your home, write to about your green works, or share them on social networks using hashtags: #Lielatalka #WorldCleanupDay #Laimeskoki.

Elīna Pinto, Chair of the European Latvian Association (ELA), adds: “I am very pleased to see that the Latvian diaspora carries our traditions of helping and caring for the world further by organising joint clean-ups in various Latvian and friend communities within both the Big Cleanup and World Cleanup. Caring for nature, the environment and the climate is something we all have in common that does not stop at national borders. In many countries, climate literacy is taught from an early age, and green politics is also much more in demand than in Latvia. By putting these two experiences together and sharing them, our diaspora makes a valuable contribution to preserving the world’s ecosystem and green environment – locally and globally. This is closely in line with the common goal of ELA and Lielā Talka to foster innovative and environmentally friendly decisions and forms of participation that involve the whole of society across borders. I invite all of us to agree on the green idea and work on September 18 at the World Cleanup!”

Lielā Talka is a movement in Latvia, which since 2008 not only organises clean-ups every year throughout the country, but also implements various projects for educating the public on environmental issues. The patron of Lielā Talka is the President, which ranks Latvia among the first countries in the world where there is such a high level of state support for environmental activities.

The European Latvian Association is a diaspora unifying organisation with 25 member organisations in 19 countries in Europe and its neighbouring region, representing approximately 250,000 Latvians living in these countries. ELA coordinates and represents the interests of its members in the fields of education, culture, civic and economic participation, and promotes the diaspora’s connection with Latvia.

For more than ten years, Lielā Talka has been uniting and holding together people of Latvia in environmental clean-up and improvement works, as well as performs an educational function, directing the society to think and act green. Since this year, everyone has the opportunity to participate in the Big Cleanup, helping both on the day of the clean-up and at any other time, as well as donating if it is not possible to participate in the clean-up. By donating even 1 EUR, you will be able to provide the helpers with one set of support, which includes – one bag, one pair of gloves, garbage bag removal and disposal in the landfill. The Footprints LV Association, which has been organising the Big Cleanup and the World Cleanup in Latvia since 2008, is a public benefit organisation since 2011 with Reg. No. 40008177683. It is possible to donate to Lielā Talka on its website, in the Donate section.

See you on September 18 in Latvia and around the world!

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