23.04.2021 News

This year, the Big Cleanup has created an opportunity for individual helpers to receive their clean-up garbage bags. The bags will be distributed with the help of Maxima Latvija, a supporter of the Big Cleanup. Individual or SOLO helpers, who are already planning to participate in the Big Cleanup on April 24, will be able to receive clean-up bags in a convenient way in one of the almost 200 Maxima stores throughout Latvia. Maxima Latvija together with the organisers of the Big Cleanup invites the joint forces to take care of a greener and cleaner future by participating in cleaning and improvement activities at the end of April. Also this year, all the safety preconditions that are relevant at the time of the Big Cleanup must be taken into account.


In order to facilitate the involvement of individual helpers and facilitate their participation in the Big Cleanup movement, it will become even more convenient to receive the Big Cleanup bag by going to the nearest Maxima store, without having to coordinate your participation with the helpdesk coordinator beforehand. From April 19 to 24, all SOLO helpers will be able to receive their special clean-up bags in the Maxima stores (except for the Maxima Express format stores) by making a symbolic purchase of at least 0.10 EUR. It should be noted that the number of bags is limited.


“This is a special year for us – Maxima Latvija celebrates its 20th anniversary. Therefore, becoming such a very important initiative as the supporters of the Big Cleanup, we show respect for the environment, taking care of a cleaner environment and greener Latvia. Over the years, we have implemented a number of sustainability initiatives, both to reduce the footprint of our direct activities and to provide support to various organisations that are actively concerned with environmental sustainability issues. We are pleased that the organisers of the Big Cleanup have come down to the point very creatively, providing an opportunity to clean up the surroundings in the SOLO clean-up format as well. Such a solution is an excellent example of adapting to the changes caused by the pandemic, as well as the habits of the population – people will be able to get their SOLO clean-up bag in one of almost 200 Maxima stores in a convenient place on the way to the countryside or in a backyard store. We invite everyone to join the Latvian team of helpers, safely helping to clean up all over Latvia,” Jānis Vanags, Corporate Manager of Maxima Latvija and representative of the management team, emphasises.


Vita Jaunzeme, Head of Big Cleanup, adds: “In this year’s difficult circumstances, we place more and more emphasis on individual or SOLO clean-ups for health safety reasons. The opportunity to get your Big Cleanup bag in Maxima stores, in my opinion, is a good way to promote more active involvement of SOLO helpers. Security, participation and involvement are the most important preconditions for achieving our goals. Cooperation with Maxima is undoubtedly an important and significant stage in the development of the Big Cleanup. I am pleased to see that large companies, industry leaders, are also ready to take a step towards a greener and cleaner future for Latvia, and I am convinced that this cooperation will allow us to pursue even more beautiful goals together!”




SOLO CLEANUP is an opportunity to clean up individually in a public place convenient for you without coordination of the work with the municipal coordinator. If you wish, you can register your SOLO clean-up on the clean-up website on the SOLO Cleanup Map: The only thing a SOLO helperr has to do is get the Big Cleanup bag in one of the nearest Maxima stores (list of stores:, clean the surroundings and, most importantly, deliver the bag with the collected waste to one of the nearest officially registered waste collection sites, which are marked in red on this map (!):