23.04.2021 News

Taking into account the circumstances of the emergency situation in the country, when it is not possible for students to attend school and meet in person, the Big Cleanup extends the submission of works for the 5-12 grade students’ competition “Clean environment – an integral part of me and my peers in Latvia” until December 1 of this year. The aim of the competition is to highlight the need to care for the environment in order to keep it clean and beautiful for future generations. The authors of the most creative works of the student competition will become ambassadors of the Big Cleanup 2022 and opinion leaders in communication activities.


“By implementing the competition, we want young people to have the opportunity to freely share their ideas and complete the necessary task together. Adapting to the current situation, the team of the organisers of the Big Cleanup has decided to extend the competition until December, hoping that in the second half of the year the conditions will be more suitable for the task of the competition. In recent years, young people have shown great initiative in talking about environmental issues and highlighting the need to change their daily habits in creating a greener and cleaner world, so we look forward to creative and inspiring ideas!” Vita Jaunzeme, Head of Big Cleanup, calls.


As part of the competition, until 1 December 2021, we invite young people individually or in teams to submit an 80-second (horizontally filmed) video or create a poster emphasising the role of the environment and the need to keep Latvia clean for future generations. The authors of the most creative works will become opinion leaders and their works will be part of the communication activities on the Big Cleanup website and on social networks. In turn, the winners of the competition will be invited to participate in the Big Cleanup 2022 inclusion event in Riga, as well as receive a gift card from the Big Cleanup worth 200 EUR. When submitting a video or poster, it is necessary to mention information about the authors: a short description and contact information (email address and telephone number), as well as the name of the school.


Vita Jaunzeme: “Every action of a society member affects how clean, green and healthy world we will leave for future generations. For more than ten years, by implementing environmental cleaning and improvement work, we have halved the amount of waste in Latvia. I believe that by listening to the ideas of young people, we will not only be able to continue to keep Latvia clean of waste, but also find new solutions to improve our daily habits so that our activities become more eco- and health-friendly”


Until 1 December  2021, the students’ creative project must be sent to the e-mail, including the contact information of the project authors. In turn, by December 10, the jury will select one of the most creative teams of authors in each of the regions: Kurzeme, Latgale, Vidzeme, Zemgale and Riga. The authors of the five best works will become the ambassadors of the Big Cleanupk 2022 information campaign. The winners of the competition will be invited to the Big Cleanup event in Riga.


The competition rules are available on the Big Cleanup website in the Home section. A list of the most creative teams in the regions will also be published after December 10.


Additional information:

Gita Sauka

Project coordinator:

Mob. tel.:+371 28326828