04.03.2021 News

In 2021, the new management of the Riga City Council has expressed support for the Big Cleanup (“Lielā Talka”) movement and its conduct in Riga. Mārtiņš Staķis, Mayor of Riga, has confirmed this to the representatives of the movement. The new Riga City Council plans to work more closely with the Big Cleanup to take a step further in the green direction of the capital and ensure that Riga becomes a sustainable, green and clean city. The Big Cleanup in the capital will take place and will be coordinated in close cooperation with the neighbourhood associations.

The municipality’s commitment to strengthening cooperation with the Big Cleanup is an important prerequisite for the development and growth of the movement, as well as a good reminder to other municipalities to take an active part in both the Spring Big Cleanup and the World Cleanup in the autumn and encourage residents to clean up and improve.

City neighbourhood associations are invited to promote the involvement of Rigans in clean-up activities and to inform about current events. This is a way to increase the interest of residents in the problems in the neighbourhood, the arrangement and cleaning of their territories, as well as to promote the involvement of people in urban planning activities outside the Big Cleanup.

Riga Mayor Mārtiņš Staķis points out: “The Riga City Council and the Big Cleanup movement are united by both values and goals – both the municipality and the movement are for a greener, more environmentally and inhabitant-friendly city. We are also united by the awareness that these values and goals can only be achieved and fulfilled by content through persistent work. Just as it works in the talka (joint work) – finding sleeves and working to improve your country, city, neighbourhood and yard. The City Council is also aware of our responsibility to reduce the amount of waste, and we are already planning measures to make waste collection a smaller part of the Big Cleanup work. There are active neighbourhood associations in Riga, which are great helpers for both us and the Big Cleanup movement. And just taking a course on mutual cooperation at all levels is the best way to ensure positive change and joy of living in our city!”

Vita Jaunzeme, leader of the Big Cleanup movement, adds: “Riga City Council’s support for the Big Cleanup is very important and I am very pleased that the green approach in Riga is becoming more relevant, paving the way for our capital to become greener and more citizen-friendly. The Big Cleanup has always been open for cooperation with Riga neighbourhood associations and supported them in improvement works and projects. For example, during the Big Cleanup, several yards were cleaned and arranged in Riga. But now, receiving the support and encouragement of the Riga management, I am convinced that the cooperation will become even closer and more productive. It is not necessary to drive away from the city to participate in the talka – the clean-up is required within the boundaries of your neighbourhood, parks and squares, realising that we walk on these streets every day. A tidy city starts with a tidy backyard and street.”

We would like to thank our long-term supporter SIA “Getliņi EKO”, which is also ready to support the Big Cleanup this year.

Imants Stirāns, Chairman of the Board of SIA Getliņi EKO, adds: “We are an eco-friendly waste management landfill and to fully comply with this designation, it is essential to ensure that green thinking is supported and implemented in practice, thus creating an orderly environment both today and for future generations.”
Also this year, despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic, the Big Cleanup will take place in Latvia on April 24. As in the spring of 2020, supporters will be called upon to comply with all national precautionary requirements, to be conscientious and to engage in assistance. More information about the 2021 Cleanup, recommendations for supporters and opportunities to get involved can be found on the Big Cleanup website

About the Big Cleanup: The Big Cleanup is a non-governmental movement in Latvia, which since 2008 not only organises clean-ups every year throughout the country, but also implements various projects to educate the public on environmental issues. The patron of the Big Cleanup is the President, ranking Latvia among the first countries in the world where there is such a high level of state support for environmental activities. Last year in August, patronage was taken over by the new President Egils Levits. Write to us about your green works at and, or share them on social networks using: #LielaTalka2021 #Espiederunakotnei #sakopsavusetu

Additional information:
Nikola Matjušenko
Bog Cleanup Public Relations Consultant