30.03.2020 News

The Great Cleanup
is happy to announce that you can register your cleanup location starting today – March 23!
From this year onwards, each participant and organizer of the cleanup will be able to mark and record two types of cleanup in the cleanup location maps – cleaning and improvement.
Any participant can register an improvement cleanup, regardless of whether it takes place in public or private sector. These can be family cleanups, organization, company or other cleanups organized on private property and that do not require any approval from the municipality and where the waste, if any, is collected by the organizers themselves. Cleaning, on the other hand, takes place in public areas and require the approval of the municipality to receive free bags and where the collection of the waste will be ensured.
Upon registering the improvement or cleaning on the map, the person will be granted access to their cleanup profile, which will allow them to share information about the specific cleanup location on social media, as well as to invite others to participate in the event and to communicate with them.
Find the map of the official cleanup locations here:
See you on May 16!!!
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