30.03.2020 News

The state of emergency in Latvia has alarmed all the inhabitants of our country. Therefore, the organizers of the Big Cleanup, taking care of the health of the Latvian population, decided to postpone the cleanup from April 25 to May 16 and offers a new opportunity – to organize your own individual SOLO cleanup.
Vita Jaunzeme, Head of the Big Cleanup: “The Big Cleanup has always been a time for people to come together with their family, coworkers, school and study friends or simply neighbors, so, given the ambiguous situation in the world, we have decided to postpone the cleanup. However, I would like to encourage people not to lock themselves in their homes, but rather spend more time in open air, which is also recommended by doctors. So, for people who want to do cleanup until and after the Big Cleanup on May 16, and use this spring weather to clean up their neighborhoods, we offer and encourage people to organize their own individual SOLO CLEANUPS with a limited number of participants. But you can also do your cleanup by simply walking into the woods and picking up litter you find there. Every square meter of Latvia is our land, our backyard. Let’s keep it clean, green and beautiful!”
For people, who choose to participate in SOLO CLEANUP, we recommend to take all the precautions and comply with the hygiene requirements, but, at the same time, don’t exaggerate and lose common sense – keep your spirits high and have positive attitude towards everyone around you.
Please, just like with the regular cleanup locations, mark the SOLO CLEANUP locations on the interactive map you can find on the Cleanup website: This map will allow you to see the activities of other participants of solo cleanups, so you can organize your SOLO CLEANUP at a safe distance or on another day. All solo cleanup participants are welcome to share their activities on social networks using hashtags: #solocleanup #imhealthy #forhealthylatvia The organizers of the cleanup will follow the activities of the solo cleanups and give advice on safe work.
And everyone else who plans to join in on the big cleanup day on May 16 this year have another opportunity to register their cleanup.
From this year onwards, each participant and organizer of the cleanup will be able to mark and record two types of cleanup in the cleanup location maps – cleaning and improvement.
What makes these talks different is the any participant can register an improvement cleanup, regardless of whether it takes place in public or private sector. These can be family cleanups, organization, company or other cleanups organized on private property and that do not require any approval from the municipality and where the waste, if any, is collected by the organizers themselves. Cleaning, on the other hand, takes place in public areas and require the approval of the municipality to receive free bags and where the collection of the waste will be ensured.
Upon registering the improvement or cleaning on the map, the person will be granted access to their cleanup profile, which will allow them to share information about the specific cleanup location on social media, as well as to invite others to participate in the event and to communicate with them.
As every year, we welcome you to send descriptions with photos and videos from the cleanup locations, so we can share and distribute this information on the Big Cleanup social network accounts in Latvia and abroad.
For those who are quarantined or simply want to spend their time safely in their homes, we invite you to participate in the Idea Cleanup. This event takes place as a part of the Big Cleanup for the second year in the row, and people are invited to share their ideas on how to make Latvia and the world a greener, more sustainable, safe and beautiful place, and how to find long-term solutions for the enormous environmental challenges. Send your ideas to or fill in the online questionnaire at under the Idea Cleanup section.
Stay healthy, keep your spirits up and take care of yourself and your cleanup participants, and act responsibly towards your fellow human beings.
See you at the Big Cleanup on May 16!
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