Big Clean-up on April 27 – Let us come together!

25.03.2019 News

The Big Clean-up is going to launch a new decade with fresh breeze in environmental thinking.

This year the Big Clean-up will take place on the 27th of April, and we will encourage people not only to collect waste but also to sort them while collecting. This will be done to develop understanding about plastic waste, its hazardous effects on the environment and awareness of the dangers of plastic waste on environment resulting in pollution and accumulation of warmth in soil and water. The inhabitants will be encouraged to sort it during the clean-up by separating plastic from other waste. Therefore the bags of blue and white colour will be available in clean-up locations. The blue bags are intended for plastic, the white ones – for other waste. We will try by common efforts to explain this activity, and at the same time this will help to understand how much waste is dumped in nature and how to find the most adequate solution in cooperation with local governments and other institutions. We invite all inhabitants to engage actively in registration of polluted sites on the interactive map in section “Maps” that will be opened when the snow starts melting. The registration of clean-up locations on will start as usual, one month before the clean-up, this year – from the 27th of April.

This year we especially urge young people in schools and higher educational institutions to share ideas how to reduce pollution, what is the type of packaging which could replace the plastic packaging. We also invite to go “waste” hunting using application “Environmental SOS” (, to send information on the polluted places as well as to send information on the most dangerous, most interesting events to for monitoring purposes in order to keep track of the situation.

Thinking about Latvia’s next 100 (LV200), I would like to revitalize the clean-up tradition in a new quality, mainly laying stress on the community education as well as providing information on the global environmental processes, in view Latvia cannot live apart from the whole world. The life wisdom of our nation is tightly linked to nature, it is our happiness, and it should become our priority to be preserved and to fight for because it effects the most essential elements of life – health, nature diversity and ability to survive in the presence of rapidly changing global conditions. I see Latvia as one of the countries showing to the world which way should be taken at least in the meaning that one should treat nature with enormous respect. Nature is perfect and harmonious in its divine beauty, and we should not only learn ABOUT nature, but mostly we should learn FROM nature,” emphasizes Vita Jaunzeme, Manager of the Big Clean-up.

It is clear that cleaning up the trash is not the only solution for the global ecological crisis, this requires a broader view of all levels on the new economic models, environmental education, sustainability solutions. We are going to take a wider look at the environmental health issues using the Big Clean-up campaign as well by setting an example for many other countries in the world what is the true benefit and gains thinking about the development of Latvia and our future generations.

Ilze Aizsilniece, President of the Latvian Doctors’ Association: “The existence of healthy people is possible only on a healthy planet Earth. If we think about health, we have to think firstly about clean environment and searching for sustainable solutions in every branch of national economy. We have not much time given on this planet to avoid thinking about the environment and the climate changes. Let us think and act in order to keep the Earth and ourselves healthy!”


Over a ten-year period in general around 500 000 participants have joined the Big Clean-up as well as the Latvians living in other countries of the world have also participated in the clean-ups. The amount of waste has decreased more than half in comparison with 2018; during the 2018 clean-up it had already decreased by half in comparison with 2017. In many places of the municipal territories waste cannot be found any more therefore improvement of the surroundings in many clean-up locations as well as tree planting campaigns are organized. These facts evidence that the Big Clean-up has consequently moved in the direction of the chosen goal – a clean and green country. The clean-up is the major annual event for educational purposes and environmental improvement, and it has produced fruitful results, besides, it will also have an significant role in cleaning-up the environment in future, but, most essentially, – in the change of human attitude and habits.

See you in the Big Clean-up on the 27th of April of this year!