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  • News from photo correspondence!!!

    26.04.2014 | No comments

    The photo correspondence of the Big Cleanup managed to visit a number of cleanup places in Riga.


    We offer to take a look on photos of how participants did cleanup.

  • Employees of "Latvijas dzelzceļš" actively engage in Latvian cleanup activities

    22.04.2014 | No comments

    On 25 April, this year, employees of "Latvijas dzelzceļš" for the fifteenth year in turn will come together to the General railway cleanup thus cleaning up 25 railway territories in Riga region alone.


    "April for "Latvijas dzelzceļš" (LDz) has traditionally been called the Cleanliness month when employees in the entire territory of Latvia clean up not only the areas of stations and railways division lanes, but also other objects. It is of importance for us that environment where we are living is clean, well-arranged, and safe, therefore year by year we are working and we will still work on it also in the future," says the President of LDz, Uģis Magonis.


  • This is how pupils in Bauska elementary school educate

    22.04.2014 | No comments

    Within the coordinator competition of the Big Cleanup, "Clean Baltic Sea starts in your bathroom", pupils of Bauska elementary school have been involved in comprehensive educational events.


  • Cleanup in Lielie Kangari on 26 April 2014. Let's continue what we've started!

    04.04.2014 | No comments

    With an aim to continue what has been already started, the Environmental Protection Club organises a cleanup in Lielie Kangari in Ropaži Municipality on the Big Cleanup Day to continue the cleaning up of the specially protected nature territory.

    The approximate plan for 26 April 2014:

    approximately 08:15 - gathering in Riga Town Hall Square, the Environmental Protection Club will organise a bus to Lielie Kangari.

    9:15 - arriving at Lielie Kangari, road P4 (Riga-Ērgļi) 36. Km, beginning of the cleanup by cleaning up the wooded slopes of road P4

    13:00 - lunch at Lielie Kangari

    13:30-14:30 - continuation of the cleanup

    approximately 15:30 - conclusion near Kangari Lake

    approximately 17:00 - arrival at Riga.

  • Auciems to clean up on 27 April

    02.04.2014 |

    The date of the Big Cleanup in Auciems, Pārgauja District, Raiskums Parish, is postponed to 27 April. The cleanup is organised by the associations "RIKA" and "Vari un dari" on 27 April near Auciemmuiža.


  • Clean springs in Dobele - cleaner Baltic Sea!

    01.04.2014 | No comments

    We got the sterile plastic bags from "BIOR" and went for the search of springs to check the quality of water. We found five closest and most frequently visited springs near Dobele. We wanted to see what people drink and how much pollution is in our waters!



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