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  • The planning of Big Clean-up 2017 in Latvia and Europe begins

    22.02.2017 | No comments

    From today each Latvian inhabitant is able register places, littered with rubbish at homepage, to perform a clean-up there during the Big Clean-up on April 22. Organizations of Latvian community in Europe could register their native places for the clean-up at European Latvian Society (ELA).

    Those, who discovered places where to perform a clean-up, are welcome to match such places and attach a description thereof on homepage, division "Maps - Map of the polluted places". These points shall serve as signs for places where is a big need for clean-up, which you could start registering in a month.

  • Happy holidays!

    21.12.2016 | No comments

  • Meeting with a representative of LDI form Egypt

    05.08.2016 | No comments

    At the very beginning of August the Egyptian representative of Let's Do It! Elamir Mohamed Mohssen Mohamed Abdelwahab Ossman visited Latvia to continue successful cooperation with Latvian environmental activists that begun last year during the international conference of clean-up activists. In Riga Amir met with representatives of the Big Cleanup and the Director of Latvian Institute Aiva Rozenberga, discussing problems of organization of clean-ups, pollution problems, and possible solutions.

    Latvian representatives had an opportunity to tell about their country's successful experience in making the Big Cleanup and the attempt to become the greenest country in the world as a kind of county’s business card. As a symbol of excellent cooperation Amir presented the Latvian Institute a present - Egyptian drawing on papyrus.


    As Amir says after the meeting: “Let's Do It"  isn't only about clean-up activities, it's has its own spirit, with that spirit I felt I belong to a big family with no boarders, and that motivated me to meet great members of LDI family in Latvia to discuss things and share experiences even with no official event to meet. It was a great time in Riga and I had a great support before coming and a productive meeting at "Latvian Institute". I felt home and I come back to Egypt with added value and good memories as well. Thank you Latvia and thanks beautiful people there. J"

  • This year the Big Clean-up worker activity record has been repeated

    25.04.2016 | No comments

    This year the Big Clean-up cleaning and landscaping activities gathered about 190 000 people, as a result, repeating the 2011 clean-up participant record. The volunteers this year have been active not only in the 1750 registered clean-up sites but also outside the officially registered clean-up sites and the clean-up work also took place before 23 April.

    The largest number of people were gathered for the clean-up activities in Riga and Vidzeme, where almost a third of all participants to the clean-up worked, similar activity was show in Latgale. A quarter of the Big Clean-up volunteers worked in Zemgale, while 13% cleaned up Kurzeme.

    In many locations the first cleaners took to the work at the very early morning - the first clean-ups were reported shortly after 7:00AM. The volunteers cleaned up roadsides, forests, as well as courtyards and stairwells of residential houses. A large part of the participants indicated that the completed work has brought them an immense sense of satisfaction and the remaining part of the day was spent in other activities - joining together for a meal and reflecting on the finished work.

    The organisers of the Big Clean-up thank everyone for the work and welcome one and all to take care about the environment so that on the one-hundredth anniversary of Latvia we could say that Latvia is the greenest country in the world!

    The Big Cleanup 2016 is supported by its main partners Riga Freeport Authority, Latvian State Forests and road construction company “Binders”, as well as the Administration of Latvian Environmental Protection Fund, Latvian Association of Waste Management Companies, RIMI and DHL.  The Big Cleanup news this year will be reported by our friends LNT, TV3, Pirmais Baltijas Kanāls, Riga TV24, Latvijas Radio 2, PIECI.LV, 1188 and national news agency LETA. We also want to thank the translation agency “Valodu koks” for the support.

  • The Big Clean-up officially concluded

    23.04.2016 | No comments

    The Big Clean-up 2016 is officially concluded in 1750 registered cleanup sites but the people nationwide continue the landscaping work and come together for a meal. The organisers of the Big Clean-up thank everyone for the work and welcome one and all to take care about the environment so that on the one-hundredth anniversary of Latvia we could say that Latvia is the greenest country in the world!

    This year not only the president of Latvia Raimonds Vējonis and the Prime Minister Māris Kučinskis took part in the clean-up work, but also many companies, associations and peer groups, for example, the road construction company “Binders” landscaped the banks of Pēterupīte in Saulkrasti, while the diplomats of several countries worked in the Jugla animal shelter “Labās mājas”.

    This morning all over Latvia has been not only hardworking but also rinch in finds - the cleaners found 10 euros, an Easter egg under a tree, Soviet badges, a red sofa, various old musical instruments and variety of antiques. The changing weather did not manage to scare off the workers - on several locations they were surprised by hail, but everyone continued to work hard.


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