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  • Big Cleanup Courtyard Movement and "Riga 2014" at the Citizens Festival in Berlin

    14.09.2014 | No comments

    On 5 September and 6 September, the Big Cleanup Courtyard Movement visited the Bellevue Palace garden in Berlin, where the annual Citizens Festival, organised by the Federal President of the Federal Republic of Germany Joachim Gauck, was held. A delegation of the foundation Riga 2014 participated in the celebration as special guests from Latvia. The country was represented by Programme Director Aiva Rozenberga and team of the project "The Big Cleanup Courtyard Movement" - manager Anete Lesīte, representative of the rearranged courtyard of 6 Vīlipa Street Elīna Zariņa, landscape architect Una Īle, gardener Maija Strazdiņa and a student of architecture at Riga Technical University Mārtiņš Smilts.

  • So that neighbours were not just unfamiliar neighbours to each other

    29.04.2014 | No comments

    "This is such an enthusiasm! The feeling that you are doing something special! Not just cleaning, but creating something lasting," said one of the helpers in the courtyard of apartment houses at 2 Lomonosova Street, met in late afternoon with brush in hands, colouring the old swings and telling about neighbour unity with sparkle in her eyes. During the cleanup she had discovered more about the history of her courtyard, for example, when cleaning together with up to that moment unfamiliar lady from the neighbourhood, she revealed that birch in the middle of the courtyard had been planted by her fifty years ago. That time she was some... seven years old... And, now, during the Big Cleanup numerous generations from different families meet again. The youngest ones are still in pushchairs, while some ladies already have gray hair... Everyone does as much as possible and listens to the "head of the construction works" - a student of Riga Technical University Mārtiņš Smilts, who is spending already the second year with the Big Cleanup and projects of courtyard development. And both of these projects are close to each other. If last year a courtyard at 8 Balvu Street was arranged in order, this year it is 2 Lomonosova Street.

  • Getting ready for the Big Cleanup also in courtyards of Riga

    14.04.2014 | No comments

    Last Saturday, on 12 April, there were cleanups in two courtyards.

    2 Lomonosova Street - old sheds that were a threat to many people and had stood there half burned down, with roofs with holes in them, with rusty locks, inclined to one side, and taken so much space were torn down. On Saturday, 12 April, people gathered in the courtyard and men demonstrated their vigour and strength for a number of hours...

    But the strongest residents of 6 Vīlipa Street started to tear off by themselves the worn asphalt. On Saturday when there was the cleanup announced, they continued tearing off the asphalt and path tiles, as well as started to work on installation of a new fence of sallow-trees making them grow in soil and weaving them.

  • Cleanup at 6 Vīlipa Street on Sunday, 12 April

    10.04.2014 | No comments

    The Big Cleanup in cooperation with "Riga - European Capital of Culture 2014" invites residents of 6 Vīlipa Street - adults and children - to lop off bushes and trees on this Sunday, 12 April, at 10:00, to prepare the territory for the Big Cleanup taking place on 26 April. Especially men are invited, as it is planned to tear off asphalt partially, dig out and move concrete flagstones, and lop off the juniper bush to prepare the courtyard for installing a fence.

  • The first tree and bush tending cleanup in the backyard of Bērzupes iela 31 in Rīga

    26.03.2014 | 1 comment

    22 March 2014

    Last Saturday, the sunny weather delighted all those helping hands at Bērzupes iela 31 who had accepted the invitation to spend their free day with bush scissors, saws, brooms and gloves in their hands and participated in the first event of the Courtyard Cleanup Movement this year. The little green one, as we call it. Because the big cleanup is ahead!


    And this is not a photo montage - there is indeed a lionheart in the tree whose work is to cut the old branches and improve the crowns. Arborist Guntars Mozuļčiks from the company "Labie koki" gives a new life to the trees in front of the building at Bērzupes iela 31 and releases them from the dry and dangerous branches that you can not actually notice at a first glance... but when the wind gets stronger and the snow covers the tree, such branches can harm people or cars below them.

  • The Big Cleanup and Courtyards 2014 are inviting you!!!

    20.03.2014 |

    Attention, attention! All residents of Bērzupe Street 31, neighbours and helpers are invited to help!

    The first green area cleanup will be held on Saturday – Bērzupe Street 31 at 10:00, gardener Maija Strazdiņa and arborist Guntars Mozuļčikis will participate and provide advice and demonstrations how to:

    take care of backyard bushes and trees in a city yourself?
    what can we do ourselves and in which cases we should ask for professional help?
    until even actual garden works, which should be done in the yards until the first buds.


    Work gloves, boots, suitable clothing, shrub shears and perhaps also a shovel, rake, bucket and wheelbarrow will be useful.


    See you all in the cleanup!



  • Behind the scenes of the yard cleaning process or how apartment house yards will change?

    20.03.2014 | No comments

    Yard cleanup project of the Big Cleanup 2014 is in full swing. Since last autumn, when the Yard competition for inhabitants ended and four yards in Riga city were selected, active work on development of landscaping project of each yard takes place. Since this is a unique year for Riga, when it is honoured as the European Capital of Culture, in the framework of the Big Cleanup - clean-up of apartment house yards for the third time takes place with a support of Riga - European Capital of Culture 2014 and it is included in the event programme as one of the urban cleanup and improvement events with the participation of inhabitants and active theoretical and practical help and volunteering of professional landscape architects, gardeners, as well as students from a number of universities in Latvia - Riga Technical University, Latvia University of Agriculture, and Art Academy of Latvia. From idea to its implementation.


  • Winners of the Big Cleanup Courtyards competition have been announced

    08.11.2013 | No comments

    Courtyard cleaning movement is spreading within the framework of the Big Cleanup and it is the fourth Courtyard competition. As Riga will be the European Capital of Culture next year and this project is implements with a support from "Riga 2014” European Capital of Culture, this time the competition was organized in Riga in order to improve the public space of our capital, providing an opportunity to inhabitants to take rest in a more harmonic and cleaner environment and suggesting neighbours to cooperate to clean their courtyards together with the creative groups of the Courtyard cleaning movement of the Big Cleanup that included students from different Latvian universities, in cooperation with the Latvian Society of Landscape Architecture, Young Architects’ Movement and other environment experts and supporters.

  • Information on consultations of landscape designers aimed at helping inhabitants draw up applications for the Big Cleanup courtyards competition

    16.09.2013 |

    The inhabitants of residential areas of Riga have the chance to improve and transform the courtyard of their building. This year one may use the help of a LANDSCAPE DESIGNER and get professional tips about the formation of a good-looking and convenient courtyard for free.

    The advice of the expert will be very useful in the process of drawing up applications of the Big Cleanup courtyards competition

    Write to or call +371 29277448 (Daiga), +371 29166456 (Valda)





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